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Perhaps... I am stronger than I think

May 24, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

McIntier Family

There is a lot I could say about my experiences with loss and miscarriage. I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that everyone’s story is so different and so unique. The pain and grief is lonely and individual, no matter the story and circumstances—the hurt and loss is very real.


In such times, I have been lifted knowing others have struggled through similar pain as I in trying to bring children into this world. I have been frustrated and angry at the timing of losses, and similarly bewildered by the timing pregnancies. I have been envious, jealous, defeated, deflated, and humbled through my own journey. I am grateful beyond measure during this final pregnancy that things have happened the way they have. I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t think I could have said that a few years ago.


I don’t have the answers, but I have immense faith and hope that there is a plan, that Someone (or Something) has some answers, and that someday those of us having endured, or are enduring, such heartaches will know those answers. Bless all the mothers and future mothers wanting to bring children into this world. WE ARE STRONG.




































Rainbow Appearing June 2019

May 23, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Livingood Family

Our Story:
"I remember contemplating sharing our story. I had prayed about it a lot. After seeing Hillary Scott speak about her miscarriage on GMA, it gave me the courage to post about our story on Facebook years ago. I was truly amazed at how many women reached out to me and were willing to share their stories. So many couples have suffered a miscarriage as Lee and I did, but don’t talk about it. I've struggled with talking about it because it seems like a taboo topic, but I have an even harder time with people not knowing there was a life lost. I've always been a person that needs to talk about my feelings in order to heal.

It was such a challenging and difficult time for us, especially because we didn’t know how to grieve. We had our first 8 week appointment scheduled for February 1. We were filled with excitement and joy. The thought of any sort of complications had never once crossed our minds. Unfortunately, we had spent a couple nights in the ER prior to our appointment, but were told everything looked normal and even got to listen to the heartbeat. I had been on an emotional rollercoaster, but the doctors had restored my hope and faith. 

We then miscarried at our appointment on February 1. I’ll never truly understand why it happened, especially on that day, but I do know it was a blessing to have some of the best nurses as well as my amazing Obgyn, Dr. Lauren Beaven, and husband by my side. I kept repeating the verse, “Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10. 

Three years later, here we are blessed to be 34 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby. I hope that my story will let other women know they are not alone and will help them in their healing process. 

"For I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us" Romans 8:18"
























A Rainbow Is A Promise Of Hope After A Storm

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After Every Storm There Is A Rainbow 

Rainbows symbolize hope and renewal, especially for parents who have lost an infant but are now expecting a healthy baby. While miscarriages and stillbirths are fairly common, moms who have lost a baby often feel alone in their pain. Society offers few outlets for parents to express their emotions and honor their pregnancy loss. 

Nothing can describe the experience of having a rainbow baby better than hearing directly from rainbow moms themselves. Each of these lovely ladies and their families have courageously decided to share their stories.

Pretty Pixels will share one family's story a day for the next week. 

Amber Livingood(Red), Abby McIntier(Orange), Aariel Gordon(Yellow), Christi Cummings(Green), Jessica Mcvey(Blue), and Katie Perkins(Purple), Sarah Bucknam Jeck(Photographer), Stacey Sizemore(Assistant)


A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. This term is given to these special rainbow babies because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what’s to come.


Our Elves got LOONY in the LIBRARY

December 04, 2018  •  1 Comment

You can't take these two anywhere!

An innocent trip to check out the book, "Father Christmas Needs A Wee", and these two couldn't help

but make a scene.


Unknown to Rogue, There's an inter library loan return sticker on her back:

Return to McMurdo Station Library, Antartica.



Elf. Shelf. I got this! 



We're in the War History section of the library. 

There's a lot of VIOLIN-CE in here! 




Rogue hates Rascal a "latte" 



Rascal got the Dewey Decimal system confused

with the Dewey DECIBEL System! 



Who has been the most naughty this week? Do you give your vote to RASCAL or ROGUE? 

Be sure to cast your vote on our Facebook and check back on December 10th to see what these crazy elves have been up to! 


Pretty Pixels Photography


Elf on a Shelf Tradition Comes to Life at Pretty Pixels Photography

November 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


We are proud to introduce Pretty Pixels' elves- Rascal & Rogue. When they aren't hanging out on shelves, they are roaming the city and getting into mischief.

The studio is extra tense this holiday season because this dangerous duo have decided to compete to see who can cause the most trouble. Be sure to "LIKE" Pretty Pixels on Facebook to follow this wild adventure. There will be weekly polls so that you can help us answer the BURNING question - will Rascal or Rogue be receiving the bigger piece of coal this year?


Want to know a little bit more about these naughty (yet adorable) elves?

Take a moment to read their bios below! 



Here you have Rascal, a sly little elf with eyes as black as the coal in his stocking. Don’t be fooled by his sugary sweet smile and fun loving personality, because he will un-stuff your stocking before you can say Ho Ho Ho. Rascal’s most notorious moves are racing Donner and Blitzen, tangling Christmas lights, and switching the tags on presents under the tree. Rascal once stole Santa's sleigh and did a drive-by mooning at the Tooth Fairy's cottage. Despite his signature candy cane crushing move, he magically dances his way into Santa’s good graces come Christmas day.





And on this side you have ROGUE, a scrappy little elf with hair as red as Rudolph's nose! Her hot temper is enough to keep your fireplace going through the coldest of winters. Rogue enjoys stealing hot chocolate, causing chaos in Santa's workshop, and throwing snowballs at her brother Rascal. She is most known for her unique ability to be naughty all year yet remain on the nice list(all 156 years). Her hobbies are forging Santa's signature and hacking into the North Pole's Naughty or Nice database. Some of the older elves say that Rogue is the reason the list exists in the first place. 



Be sure to come back on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, & 25th to cast your vote! 


Pretty Pixels Photography



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